Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Freelance Writers Are Hard to Find

Freelance SEO copywriters are a dime a dozen these days. The problem with many of the people touting themselves as writers is that many of them do not have a comprehensive grasp of the English language, are uneducated in English grammar and rely on spinning software for a majority of their rewrite work. There are many freelance brokerage sites for hiring freelance writers, but after encountering hundreds of inept scribes who cannot formulate a single sentence without grammatical errors, it quickly becomes clear that you often will get the result that you pay for. Although many sites like GAF and TB have a few good writers in their ranks, they are interspersed between thousands of English illiterates.

Herein lies the dilemma. Many buyers think they are getting a deal at $0.50/100 words, when in reality, if you are paying less than $1.00-$2.00/100 words, the chances are that a foreign national is writing your copy. This is not to say that some foreign nationals don't have a command of the English language. There are certainly a few who do, however, they are definitively not in the majority. The best copy and content providers for use on the web are typically US copywritersand UK freelance writers, who have been educated in English speaking school systems and have a thorough knowledge of grammar and punctuation along with insights regarding flow and readability.

If you are seeking talented, creative, eloquent freelancers who are US/UK based, then refrain from the hoards you will find on the major text brokerages. For all of your writing needs, choose a professional SEO copywriting firm whose writers command the English language and whose clients return again and again for web content, e-books, policy statements, press releases, blogs and much, much more. From articles on health care to exposes on legal travesties to ebooks on business in foreign lands and blogs about fashion and construction products, the writing team at PAS is well-rounded in a myriad of topics and industries.

Most business owners realize that their website is their face upon which the masses will gaze. You never get second opportunities to make a great first impression. Do you really want content on your site or blog that is grammatically incorrect, doesn't flow well or worse yet, is plagiarized material? Of course not! You want text that will bring the reader in, grab their attention and have them wanting to know all about your products or services. When you needs articles, blog content, website content or advertising script, then turn to one of today's leaders in the freelance writing market. Turn to Precise Authoring Services for your next project!