Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Freelance Writers Don’t Spin Articles

Many article buyers are unfamiliar with the term “spinning” and do not realize that the inexpensive copy they are purchasing was more than likely generated by software. In basic terms, spinning software is utilized by many so-called SEO copywriting services to generate myriads of copy in a short time span and without engaging professional US/UK writers. Professional freelance writers are worth the expenditure because they deliver quality material. As the old cliché once again holds true, you get what you pay for when it comes to articles for use on the worldwide web. If you are paying less than $2.00/100 words for your copy, then the chances are that:

• The writer is not from the US/UK
• The writer does not speak English as their native language
• The writer was not educated in a US or UK school system
• The material you are receiving has been “spun”

Aside from the price you’re paying for the copy, another telltale sign of spinning is terrible flow. The article does not read well, and is reminiscent of conversations with someone who speaks another language attempting to learn English. It is commendable that many individuals wish to gain fluency in the English language, but you should not be compensating them for professional copy you plan on using to promote your website or business. As an example, let us examine a hypothetical project.

In our example, let’s assume that you have found an excellent article posted on the web, referring to one of your major competitors in the real estate industry. You are seeking a writing service that can create a similar article for your company to submit to the online article databases and directories. Now, examine a paragraph from the competitor’s original and the two possible submissions supplied by two separate writing services. One of the submissions is an actual original composition by a professional author and one was created using spinning software.

Competitor’s original copy:
“For the homeowner and buyer alike, the selling and purchasing of a short sale property can be quite a roller coaster ride, both mentally and emotionally. The mortgage holder’s acceptance of the terms of the sale and the purchase price offered by the buyer can be like riding a carousel. It may seem as if you’re circling around infinitely, not gaining any territory in your pursuit of closure. Every call you make to the note holder’s office is fielded by a customer service representative who never seems to have the answers to your inquiry. You furtively make the effort to accelerate the process, but it seems your efforts are not making an iota of difference in the long wait.”

Submission 1:
For the house owner and purchaser similarly, making sales and buying of a squat sold land can be fairly a wave sea boarding traverse, both in the mind and for the spirit. The finance possessor’s reception of the provisos of the deal and the procure charge offered by the shopper can be like travelling a carousel. It may look like as if you’re gyrating nearly infinitely, not advancing any region in your chase of finality. Each exclaim you compose to the memo possessor’s bureau is fielded by a customer help representative who by no means looks to have the retorts to your questions. You stealthily make the struggle to hasten the method, but it looks that your stabs are not manufacturing a scrap of diversity in the stretched wait.

Submission 2:
Marketing a residential property that is close to foreclosure can be a nerve-wracking experience for the property owner, as well as for interested parties like potential buyers and financing companies. The loss mitigation officer at the mortgage company holding the property note must approve the selling terms and final pricing offered for the property during short sales. In your quest to sell your property and end your financial burden, the property owner may feel as if they are constantly spinning their wheels and not gaining any ground towards closing the sale. When you contact the finance company, you rarely reach a decision maker on your first attempts and must wade through myriads of support staff to obtain conclusive answers to your questions. Every attempt you make to quicken the progression to approval by the finance company appears thwarted and does not shorten the lengthy process required to close on your short sale.

After reviewing the above copy, it should be quite obvious which of the two submissions was spun versus written by a professional US/UK freelance writer (Submission 1 was “spun”). As in the above submissions, the spun article does not read or flow well. Either a spinning software was used to replace selected verbiage or someone used the thesaurus function of their word processing software to “trade out” selected words. Which version do you think would attract readers and instill in the viewer the sense that you, or your company, possess a level of expertise in the real estate industry?

When you require articles for directory or database submission, or even to post on your own website, you want to hire a professional writing service that employs professional US/UK writers. These types of authoring services will guarantee copy that is 100% original, well researched and grammatically correct. They can create compositions from scratch on a myriad of topics from every industry imaginable, or deliver rewrites of existing copy so that it will pass all plagiarism testing and still maintain great flow and readability. Posting substandard written copy on your website or in article directories will not promote your business, but can actually have detrimental results. Always use a professional writing service that delivers quality copy that will inform and entice readers to turn to your company for the products or services you offer.